Saturday, August 28, 2010

What are you wearing today? My baby!

Pin It Now! Do you wear your baby? Man, I wish I did. I wish I had someone share with me what I am going to share with you when I was starting to have my kiddos.
I carried my kiddos a lot, and man a momma's arms get really strong. LOL!

I also used a stroller once in awhile, but to be able to have my baby with me while chasing around all my other kids wold have been super nice.

I have used a sling... but not with my own kiddos. I used it with my nephew, and I used HugaMonkey sling. I am going to be doing a review and a giveaway for one of these real soon. *watch for it!

In the mean time, I think I would have liked a wrap.
I like the idea of a piece a fabric that I had laying around, or picked up for a couple bucks being used to carry my baby. I am all about saving a couple bucks. Plus I like the look of the wrap.

So how about some instructions... are you interested in a wrap, but don't want to pay a lot for one?
I found this blog with instructions on making your own.

Then is you need some instructions on how to put on a wrap...
On the Baby Wearer you can find a huge list of different ways to use the wrap.

So are you intimidated by the wrap? Do you want to try your hand at a little sewing? On this fun website you can find a pattern for a sling.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a wee little one to carry around -- wear them all you can... they get way to big WAY to fast!

Still Sane,
Mama V


JustCorey said...

I have a babyBjorn carrier... but i can't get it to fit right so my back and shoulders hurt when i wear my 20 pound baby (of course not as much as my arms do when carrying him)

Plus my little one wants to see the world and the carrier is meant for tummy to tummy primarily...

i am intimidated by the wrap and sewing isn't much fun when it is all hand sewn (i don't own a sewing machine yet) so i am looking forward to your giveaway... since it looks like baby can face forward fairly easy in it :)

Amelia said...

I LOVE my HugaMonkey Sling! I'm the same as you. I wish I had it through all of my kids! I only had it for one. This giveaway will be so worth it for anyone with a baby!

Jessie said...

I have a slingling that I still use for David and LOVE it! I also made a Mei Tai carrier with a waist clip that I use a lot too. Just bought a Moby wrap to use with the new little one arriving early this spring!

Anonymous said...

I have a Maya Sling and loved it when my son was a new baby. Once he got bigger (he has always been BIG!) I would of loved to have a wrap that wraps around my body and not in the sling way. With my next one I will have a wrap. Going to check out the link you gave right now :)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

Have a Moby Wrap and LOVE it. Can't recommend it enough to EVERYONE having a baby. Have used it on 2 kids now and easily carry them from birth (right away) until they're 2 (if they're willing to sit still that long).