Meet my 6

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My Stick Family from
We consists of-
Mama V:  ME!!!
Wonderful Hubby or Hubs
...and we are trailed by 6 kiddos!
current ages: as of June 2015

Mama's Helper: Girl #1 -16
Bookworm: Girl #2 -15
Son: Only Boy -14
Drama Queen: Girl #3 -12
Our Miracle: Girl #4 -10
My Baby: Girl #5 -8

We live life one day at a time.  That is the best we can do.  We are happy (most of the time) and content with what life has dealt us, and we thanks our Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity he has given us to be a forever family!

We are currently living in Del Norte, Colorado.  We don't like city living... we are more of a "down home" kind of family.  We like to have chickens, and cows and maybe a pig or two.