Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Year....

Pin It Now! So another year has passed.

What have I accomplished in the last year?
What are some BIG things that have happened?

  • I started sewing some quilts for my girls. That will have to be finished another year I am afraid.
  • I went on a scrapbooking retreat with some of my best friends.
  • I planted and awesome garden... and had to leave it. :(
  • I started a website to sell my cloth diapers.
  • I got glasses
  • I got a Macbook!!!
  • My family moved from Utah to Colorado! <-- this is a biggie!
So what has the last year brought for you?

Make sure to enter the Nifty Nappy $50 GC giveaway! It ends TONIGHT!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What are you wearing today? My baby!

Pin It Now! Do you wear your baby? Man, I wish I did. I wish I had someone share with me what I am going to share with you when I was starting to have my kiddos.
I carried my kiddos a lot, and man a momma's arms get really strong. LOL!

I also used a stroller once in awhile, but to be able to have my baby with me while chasing around all my other kids wold have been super nice.

I have used a sling... but not with my own kiddos. I used it with my nephew, and I used HugaMonkey sling. I am going to be doing a review and a giveaway for one of these real soon. *watch for it!

In the mean time, I think I would have liked a wrap.
I like the idea of a piece a fabric that I had laying around, or picked up for a couple bucks being used to carry my baby. I am all about saving a couple bucks. Plus I like the look of the wrap.

So how about some instructions... are you interested in a wrap, but don't want to pay a lot for one?
I found this blog with instructions on making your own.

Then is you need some instructions on how to put on a wrap...
On the Baby Wearer you can find a huge list of different ways to use the wrap.

So are you intimidated by the wrap? Do you want to try your hand at a little sewing? On this fun website Handmade-Adelaide-Baby.com you can find a pattern for a sling.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a wee little one to carry around -- wear them all you can... they get way to big WAY to fast!

Still Sane,
Mama V

Friday, August 27, 2010

Do you need Validation?

Pin It Now! It is so easy to give validation. Do we think about it? Do we say, "you have a beautiful smile." Do we tell the waiter his tie looks nice? Do we take the time to share the love that we have inside? We should! I know I am going to better after watching this!
I am not a goal setter... but I am going to do this...

I am going to validate each of my children and my hubby at least once a day! Will you do this with me? Will you accept my challenge?
I can't wait to see how this will change the feeling in our home.

This is a little long for a short video to watch on the computer. It is a little more than 15 min.
It is so worth it though!
If you need a "pick me up" this is it! :)
Hope you enjoy...


Pin It Now!
I like to think that we are getting more and more self-sufficient in our home as time goes on. We adopted the cloth diapers. We hang our clothes out on the line, we plant a garden, we put up our food, we use cloth "paper towels". We have also done the chicken thing...

And that my friends is why the chicken crossed the road…now you know! :)

This is the Real World!

Pin It Now! I saw this today on FB. I think it is hilarious!

This is too true. People need to realize this is the real world, and kids need to learn to take responsibility for their actions.... or lack there of!


Still Sane,
Mama V

Thursday, August 26, 2010


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I am so super excited and you are the first to know it!
They accepted out offer on the house!

This is a really good house for our family!
  • Awesome & roomy family home with 5 bedrooms, 2.75 bathrooms, office, tiled family room with gas stove, nice separate living room, country kitchen, 2 car attached garage, covered front porch downstairs, wood deck, sprinklers system, storage/workshop, apple & apricot trees! Master has private bath. Very nice views!

OUR house!

Dining room off the Kitchen

The Kitchen

Master Bath

Living room -upstairs... we will make it the family room though!

Family room... you enter here so we will make it the Living Room

There are lots of fruit trees, apple, apricot, and I think a pear :)

Back of the house

It is on the edge of town. But is it right across the street from the church and walking distance to the schools! I am so excited! It will probably still be a couple weeks for the closing and what not... but !!!! It is there! YAY!!!

Thanks for letting me share!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: when the kids get the camera!

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Goofing off at Grandma's

Mama's Helper


Only Boy

Drama Queen

Our Miracle

My Baby

Grandma's fish pillow

Piggy Painted toenails!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh by the way... !

Pin It Now! We listen to lots of music in our house and car. I get tired of some of the silly songs they have for kds out there. One that we all kinda like though is:

So we all know how kids are... right?
Oh, by the way...one of my favorite songs he sings goes like this:

Oh by the way...
It's Monday morning, I'm running late there's not a minute to spare
Mom calls out, 'come on let's go' as she finishes drying her hair.
Now I'm in my place with a smile on my face just thinking about my day
Then I think of some things I'm supposed to bring, and that's when I say...
Dear, mom.... oh by the way
I need an orange juice can, 4 cotton balls and 6 rubberbands
and by the way I'm an angel in the play, I'm gonna sing and I need some wings.
Well I guess I've induced some stress mom's smile begins to fade
and she runs to the kitchen and digs though the trash for the can from the lemonade.
Now I start to protest but she's doing her best so then I try to make it right...
I say, I need everything by 8:15. BUT I don't need the wings till tonight.
Oh by the way, I need an ORANGE juice can, if it's lemonade will the teacher understand?
And by the way they're having meatloaf today,
if you don't mind a bunch... I'm gonna need a lunch.
Sometimes I just don't believe how resourceful mom's can be.
She gets the cotton balls and the rubberbands from her vanity.
I've got a lemonade can not quite the right brand, but mom says 'It will do.'
Then we're out of the door it's 7:54, I won't be late for school.
Oh by the way, meatloaf is better than it seems...
for my lunch mom packed a can of sardines.
And for the play it's sisters costume from ballet I'm gonna sing in her butterfly wings.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My soapbox!

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I hate to think what they do to the kids when they make a mess!

First day of school at our house... what about you? Do you have kids old enough to go off to school? I hate the first day of school. I know some moms love it and are so happy for school to start. I am not one of those moms though! I love to have my kids home. I am always so sad for them to go off and leave me and prove their independence one day at a time for the rest of their lives.

My baby is 3 :( I know sad huh?
I have been asked by MANY what preschool I am going to put her in. You know what... I'm NOT! So there! Take that society! I am NOT going to send my little baby off everyday to be taught by someone else when I am sitting at home and can be teaching her!

Don't get me wrong... if you are a mama who has to work then preschool might be for you or if you have a child that needs to have the social interactions with other kids then I am not condemning you! If you choose to send your kiddo to preschool then that is what you feel is right, but I know from experience that once they walk out that door for their first day of school there is no turning back the time. :(

I am going to keep my baby home with me as long as I can! I will teach her the things she needs to know to get her ready for school, and I will make sure she has social interaction so that she can deal with school, but dang it I'm not sending her to preschool!

*Stepping down off the soapbox...
So I need to head out now to go get my kids. Hope the first day was fun for them! :) I took pics... I will post tomorrow!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mama Cloth Review/Giveaway: Randumosity

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This giveaway is closed!

I have found the most amazing product! You may not all know, but I do the cloth diaper thing...

One day I got to thinking how it isn't fair that all these babies get amazingly soft cloth on their bums and I have to use crunchy, stiff, yucky pads one week out of the month! Bleh!!
I started to look around on etsy for an alternative. I knew there were cloth pads out there, and heck if I had the time . . . I have the materials and I could make my own.... BUT.... no time to sew for myself!

In my looking though I was pretty picky. With my Cloth Diaper business I have a knowledge of fabrics and what works and what doesn't. I was looking for something with bamboo or hemp as an absorbent layer. I also wanted, no REQUIRED, a velour inner layer! That stuff is so super soft, and it is a great wicking fabric too.
In all my searching I only found one etsy shop that had everything I wanted in a pad.

Jami ROCKS! I love that she has fun prints too!
I follow Randumosity on FB now too to keep up with all the new stuff and current specials!

I bought my first set, and I jumped in with both feet. I bought a big ol' set. We don't do anything small around here! LOL!
Don't those look so soft? Well let me be the first to tell you THEY are! I LOVE them! Now that I have tried them... I doubt I will use anything else!
They are very absorbent even for my heavy days.
Jami offers pads with either velour or a soft flannel top.
The backs are flannel which is perfect for non-slippage (is that a word?)
Doesn't that velour look simply delicious? I love that it is turned and top stitched too. Nothing to poke or scratch. The snaps are set with a professional snap press and are through 2 layers of fabric for durability. I love resin snaps... they are my snap of choice.
Plus look at the super cute fabric choices. She has quite the selection. They are all fun and spunky... which I think helps get me though a little more cheerfully! The snaps all coordinate and the whole little thing is simply cute. They also fold up all nice so that if you pull this out of your purse no one will have any idea what it is.

I must add in here that my pre-teen has recently been visited by "aunt-flow". I actually had bought my first set of pads right before. I told her I would not MAKE her use the cloth pads if she didn't feel comfortable with it. She looked at me like I was crazy and was all like, "well why wouldn't I. . . they are softer and cuter!" Her only concern was what she would do with them during school. So we purchased a couple wet bags and showed her how to use them.
Did I mention that Randumosity makes fun little wetbags? Do you know what a wetbag is? They are bags with a waterproof layer in them that you can store your clean OR used pads in. Until you get home to wash them.
They are the perfect size to slip right into your purse for on the go!
Care of is easy-peasy! I have a cute little bucket thingy, and I fill it with cold water. Then I just put the used pads in until I am ready to wash a load of laundry. Wash in washing machine and then dry! Pretty easy huh?
If you feel my instructions are kinda vague... don't worry
Randumosity sends a card with care of instructions with each purchase.
Aside from them feeling a TON nicer...
They also save a TON of money!
And if you want to think a little bit "green". . .
think of all the trash you will NOT be making!

She also makes ouchie pads filled with flaxseed, reusable nursing pads for new mama's and also some flaxseed eye pads.

So I know that you are just dying to give them a try now right? Well you can . . .

Buy it NOW: if you just gotta have it now! visit Randumosity and put in an order. Randumosity is graciously giving my dedicated readers a discount of 10% on their orders through September 30th. Use code: StillSane -discount will be refunded through paypal after purchase is made.

***Remember to leave a separate comment for each additional entry and include your email address in your comments!***
See my giveaway instructions here for more information.

Win it NOW: what will you win? Jami has graciously offered:
a set of 4 Reusable cloth pads. Winners choice of pads and prints. This is a great number to start with to decide if cloth pads are the choice for you.

MANDATORY entry- 1 entry: Follow my blog AND visit Randumosity and tell me the type of pad you think would suite you the best.

1 entry: favorite Randumosity on etsy
2 entries: share Randumoisty on etsy with 5 friends ('share' can be found on left hand side under 'Actions')
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2 entries per person: share the idea of cloth pads with another woman! Let's spread the idea around. This can not be done as a general shout out on a forum or FB. This is specific to a person! -can be done though email or message though.
10 entries: make a purchase from Randumosity

This giveaway is closed! Thanks for entering...
congrats to the winner: Curlie Girlie
-but don't forget the 10% discount good though Sept. 30th

Friday, August 20, 2010

a letter I got in my email...

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Tough Love vs. Spanking - Good Argument

Most of america's populace think it improper to spank children, so I have tried other methods to control my kids when they have one of "those moments".

One that I found effective is for me to just take the child for a car ride and talk.

Some say it's the vibration from the car, others say it's the time away from any distractions such as TV, Video Games, Computers, iPod, etc.

Either way, my kids usually calm down and stop misbehaving after out car ride together.

I've included a photo below of one of my sessions with my son, in case you would like to use the technique.

Your Friend

After the week I have had this was simply hilarious to me. I hope that my humor does not offend anyone... this is all in fun! I Love each and every one of my children and I do value their lives. I would NEVER do this with my child and I am NOT suggesting this to anyone either!
Thanks for letting me have some fun.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


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I am going to admit it. . . I had a total meltdown today!

It was just a dumb little thing that set it off, but really isn't that usually all it is.
"The straw that broke the camels back."

The idiom the straw that broke the camel's back is from an Arab proverb about loading up a camel beyond its capacity to move. This is a reference to any process by which cataclysmic failure (a broken back) is achieved by a seemingly inconsequential addition (a single straw). This also gives rise to the phrase "the last straw", used when something is deemed to be the last in a line of unacceptable occurrences. -Wikipedia
So there you have it... just one little thing. That was it. I bawled all the way from Alamosa back to the hotel. . . 20 min drive. Then I didn't want to have to go in and be cooped up with the kids asking questions. :(
For those of you that don't know the situation. . . we are in the middle of a move. We are living in a hotel right now with all 6 of the kiddos. The hotel is actually a nice set up for us. It is a family suite, it has 2 bedrooms, and in the main living area there is a king sized bed and a futon. There are enough beds for everyone, but not enough space for the kids to play. We did go and buy a cheap-o DVD player when we got here. The kids have really been good about the whole thing, but with the stress of it all and lack of sleep with worrying about things. . . well I lost it!
So I guess sometimes I teeter on the edge of sanity. BUT I think I manage to hold on somehow.
How about you? Do you have things that put you over the edge? Or can you keep your cool no matter what?
Still Sane,
Mama V

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nifty Nappy Gift Certificate Giveaway!!!

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Welcome to my NEW blog!!! I am excited to start this fun venture off the beaten path!
I want to build my followers up really quick, so to pull some of you fine ladies in . . .
We will have a Nifty Nappy gift certificate Giveaway!
Since I own Nifty Nappy Cloth Diapers I can do that! hehehe

Most of you already know about my diapers, but I will share a little about them.

This Nifty Nappy is just that, “Nifty”. It is a one size fits all from 7-35 lbs. This diaper is designed to be the only diaper you will need until you have potty-trained your young one! If your infant is too small it can be folded to fit smaller, we have a great tutorial section on the webpage. Great for those with more than one in diapers. Only one type of diaper and it will fit all CD’d babies in your house. YEAH!!!I have to say...This diaper needs a cover. Paired with a wool cover they are practically bullet proof!
PeachyKeen Pocket diaper:
This is the pocket diaper that I have perfected over the years. It took me many tries to come up with the perfect pocket diaper. The materials you use, the way you sew it, and the inserts you use make all the difference here.
It is made with a PUL waterproof layer, a cute outer and a new insert. I am excited to announce BETTER inserts! I have brought the wonder of hemp and Bamboo absorbency into my Pocket diaper! The Inserts are now made with a layer of Organic Hemp fleece and a layer of Organic Bamboo velor. Sewn in “fortune cookie” fashion they are easy to wash and quick to dry!
When you use a pocket, there is no need for a cover.
Snappy SwimzEaze reusable swim diaper:
The Snappy SwimzEaze keeps your babies tush comfy while keeping your mind at ease, knowing that everything will stay in the diaper and not in the pool!
Don’t you hate buying a swim diaper and then using it once and throwing it away? With this reusable cloth swim diaper you can get many years of swimming in and have an adorable water baby!
This swim diaper will fit from newborn to a size 4 disposable diaper. I also make a larger size that will fit from a size 2 to 6 disposable diaper.
Woolie Wraps, Soakers and Longies wool covers:
Wool has got to be the most breathable natural cloth diaper cover on the market. Easy to care for and super soft, these covers are great to help eliminate rashes.
We make Wool covers in:
We also carry:
  • Bitty Bums- which is the same design as the Nifty Nappy only smaller!
  • Heavy Doody- which is a great heavy wetter diaper
  • Organic Nifty Nappy- which is the same design as the Nifty Nappy fitted only 100% organic.
  • Extra Inserts- for those heavy wetters or just for some night time help.
We aren't selling direct from out site for right now, BUT we do have amazing cloth diaper retailers that are very customer service oriented and will help you out any way they can.

So now on to the good parts huh? The giveaway!
What to giveaway....

I am thinking a Gift Certificate worth $50 towards your choice of Nifty Nappy products.

How does that sound...
I need you to include your email address if you don't have it on your google profile. I need to be able to reach you. I will notify the winner by email. If I don't get a reply in 24 hrs I will pick a new winner. Winners will be chosen using random.org.

As I am trying to build up followers there is a couple mandatory entries:

1 entry: follow 6 and Still Sane blog through google friends on the sidebar
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This giveaway will end on my birthday! Aren't you lucky- for my birthday you get the gift!
Ends: 8/31

STILL Sane...
Mama V