Monday, August 23, 2010

My soapbox!

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I hate to think what they do to the kids when they make a mess!

First day of school at our house... what about you? Do you have kids old enough to go off to school? I hate the first day of school. I know some moms love it and are so happy for school to start. I am not one of those moms though! I love to have my kids home. I am always so sad for them to go off and leave me and prove their independence one day at a time for the rest of their lives.

My baby is 3 :( I know sad huh?
I have been asked by MANY what preschool I am going to put her in. You know what... I'm NOT! So there! Take that society! I am NOT going to send my little baby off everyday to be taught by someone else when I am sitting at home and can be teaching her!

Don't get me wrong... if you are a mama who has to work then preschool might be for you or if you have a child that needs to have the social interactions with other kids then I am not condemning you! If you choose to send your kiddo to preschool then that is what you feel is right, but I know from experience that once they walk out that door for their first day of school there is no turning back the time. :(

I am going to keep my baby home with me as long as I can! I will teach her the things she needs to know to get her ready for school, and I will make sure she has social interaction so that she can deal with school, but dang it I'm not sending her to preschool!

*Stepping down off the soapbox...
So I need to head out now to go get my kids. Hope the first day was fun for them! :) I took pics... I will post tomorrow!


Lisanne said...

good for you! I was beginning to think I was the only one with a 3 year old NOT in preschool.

Sparrow's said...

I think 3 is too little for preschool anyway. I have a 1 yr old that makes it very difficult for me to teach my 4 yr old. I thought I would be glad to have my kids start school, but when they really did, I was depressed. I missed my kiddos all day! I love having them home. If I were a more organized, patient & better teacher I would home school my kids.

saskia said...

sending a 3 year old to preschool is silly, our society is in too much of a hurry to have their kids grow up- as LDS mamas, children don't have the gift of the holy ghost until 8, so we need to have them with us, to teach them- to guide them while they are so young. I think school is over rated as it is, it's too many hours away for a child. Kids need to be kids. I loved having Aiden in school last year, but I also couldn't believe how many hours of his childhood were robbed... anyways... that's my opinion, but we all have to raise our children how we see fit. God sent them to us for us to have inspiration on our own children, not someone elses. I also think if I hadn't been a single mom who had to send her kiddos to preschool, daycare, and if I didn't see the HUGE difference in my children who have always been home, I wouldn't feel so strongly about this, but I do, the difference is night and day, it's happiness and sadness- black and white... I also think it's silly that mamas have to justify why they do what they do and apologize for fear of offending someone, no one should be offended by your wanting your baby home :) geeezzz, i'm on one, ha ha!

saskia said...

btw, William is going to be doing joyschool this year.. and I am so excited for him- it's with other homeschool mamas- and he'll love it- he loves to play with friends- that's the only reason I am doing it :)

Mitchell Madness...or lack there of :) said...

I still have a few years til I have one of Preschool age. And I already dont like the idea, but the hubs thinks it needs to happen :( Well I guess I have a few years to convince him otherwise :) Wish me luck!!!

Lil's Garden said...

Amen! I refused to send my kiddo's to preschool and they all turned out just fine (my baby, now 18, just graduated from high school!-"sniff!" I feel old....)
Yes, spend as much time with them as you can while they are young - you won't regret one minute of it! :)
PS- good luck on your move and hang in there. It'll all work out in the end.

Aimee said...

Don't feel bad about it mama, you're totally ok. :) My kiddo didn't go to pre-school when he was 3 either. It just seems too early for me. A 3 year old shouldn't have to worry about other kids pulling hair, biting, etc, etc.

I did, however, enroll my son in daycare when he was 4. I regret it. Within two days, the daycare 'teachers' told me he was being picked on, etc, etc. He was bitten within a month on enrollment. The little girl wasn't punished, even with time out, and her parents weren't spoken to. Instead, I was, because 'he started it'.

Um, she wasn't bitten, he was. She wasn't poked, scratched, or anything. He tried to reach across the table for a crayon. *sigh*

More power to mamas who keep thier kids home until they're ready.

JustCorey said...

my niece is not quite three and was going to preschool... she isn't anymore (just daycare) but i was surprised at how young they start now... i am going to homeschool through at least the elementary years so i can postpone the sending them off to school a bit longer :)

Tammy Barefoot said...

Awesome!!! I'm not sending my kid to preschool either! He already knows more than a lot of 3 year old anyway, so I figure I'm not doing to bad. Besides, he is getting socialization at church, the gym and play dates. I'm seriously considering home schooling my kiddos. There are coops here and even sports programs for homeschooled kids, so I don't think they'd be as isolated as I fear. Besides, I bet I can come up with some killer field trips! I think you are doing the right thing.