Thursday, August 19, 2010


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I am going to admit it. . . I had a total meltdown today!

It was just a dumb little thing that set it off, but really isn't that usually all it is.
"The straw that broke the camels back."

The idiom the straw that broke the camel's back is from an Arab proverb about loading up a camel beyond its capacity to move. This is a reference to any process by which cataclysmic failure (a broken back) is achieved by a seemingly inconsequential addition (a single straw). This also gives rise to the phrase "the last straw", used when something is deemed to be the last in a line of unacceptable occurrences. -Wikipedia
So there you have it... just one little thing. That was it. I bawled all the way from Alamosa back to the hotel. . . 20 min drive. Then I didn't want to have to go in and be cooped up with the kids asking questions. :(
For those of you that don't know the situation. . . we are in the middle of a move. We are living in a hotel right now with all 6 of the kiddos. The hotel is actually a nice set up for us. It is a family suite, it has 2 bedrooms, and in the main living area there is a king sized bed and a futon. There are enough beds for everyone, but not enough space for the kids to play. We did go and buy a cheap-o DVD player when we got here. The kids have really been good about the whole thing, but with the stress of it all and lack of sleep with worrying about things. . . well I lost it!
So I guess sometimes I teeter on the edge of sanity. BUT I think I manage to hold on somehow.
How about you? Do you have things that put you over the edge? Or can you keep your cool no matter what?
Still Sane,
Mama V


Jill said...

I don't trust people whose house is too clean or who seem to be 'perfect' on the outside. There's a pile of ick, hidden, somewhere. EVERYONE loses their cool sometimes. Happens to me a lot. WE have moved 5 times in under a year. Finally are in our new house, which still needed work done to 'finish it', which has taken more than 3 months of toddler wanting daddy but daddy not available, money issues, slow banks, etc etc. Trust me, it's great when you are finally done. Give it to your higher power if you have one. Some things you can't control.

Tammy Barefoot said...

I've lost it over much less girl. You are doing great considering. Besides, who doesn't need a good cleansing cry in the car away from everyone now and again. Turn the radio up and scream a little! Prayers for you.