Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A New School Year

Pin It Now! I think I failed miserably in by blogging.  LOL!!  We did have an amazing summer in 2012.  We did some fun homeschooling and the kids had a blast.  Sometime I think I will have to revisit that summer and blog about it.  Right now though I am going to recommit to doing better and go forward.

This school year is bringing new and exciting things.  We just got new Principals in the Elem. and the Middle schools.  Quite a few new teachers as well.  So things are new for all the kids.  My older girls, High Schoolers, have decided to do what the school is calling 'Blended-learning'.  They are taking their core classes online and then going over to the school for electives such as Band, Spanish and PE.  This is going to be interesting, they still are wanting to be involved in the school stuff, such as clubs and class events, but they want to be able to work at their own pace (a faster one than the classroom).  We are supporting them in this and we will see how it goes.  The teacher that is running the online stuff is amazing and great to work with.  My girls love her and she exudes excitement!

We have a couple girls playing pee-wee volleyball.  But my son opted out of playing football this year.  He still wants to play basketball and do track so we will be busy later in the year, but it is nice not to have to worry about practice and homework and games all the time.
I have been called for my first subbing gig of the year, tomorrow.  I really enjoy subbing so it will be fun.  I look forward to getting out and seeing the teachers and the kids.

With all this school stuff going on I am also a Volunteer with the Red Cross. I am volunteering to fill a position that is paid staff in other Chapters, so I am pretty busy with it.  I try to keep my conference calls and meetings down to one day a week so that if I am called to sub I don't have to say no because I have all these other things going on.  So that is what my day will be today. Red Cross calls and emailing and such all day.  I enjoy it and I hope that I am actually doing some good, I hope I am helping to make a difference in how prepared my community and Chapter will be in a disaster.
Something else we are going to try to do is start a Red Cross Club in the HS. The girls are going to meet with the Principal about it today so we will see how it all goes.  They are excited about it.

That basically outlines the beginning of the school year for us.  I will try to do better about keeping up with it.  There will be lots to blog about I am sure.  Adventures in PTO's and Parent committee's. I am going to go to the first Booster Club meeting and see what that is all about.  More subbing, more Red Cross, more sports, more classes, more homework, then throw in Holidays and field-trips, breaks, and all that good stuff.  There will be plenty to blog about!