Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh by the way... !

Pin It Now! We listen to lots of music in our house and car. I get tired of some of the silly songs they have for kds out there. One that we all kinda like though is:

So we all know how kids are... right?
Oh, by the way...one of my favorite songs he sings goes like this:

Oh by the way...
It's Monday morning, I'm running late there's not a minute to spare
Mom calls out, 'come on let's go' as she finishes drying her hair.
Now I'm in my place with a smile on my face just thinking about my day
Then I think of some things I'm supposed to bring, and that's when I say...
Dear, mom.... oh by the way
I need an orange juice can, 4 cotton balls and 6 rubberbands
and by the way I'm an angel in the play, I'm gonna sing and I need some wings.
Well I guess I've induced some stress mom's smile begins to fade
and she runs to the kitchen and digs though the trash for the can from the lemonade.
Now I start to protest but she's doing her best so then I try to make it right...
I say, I need everything by 8:15. BUT I don't need the wings till tonight.
Oh by the way, I need an ORANGE juice can, if it's lemonade will the teacher understand?
And by the way they're having meatloaf today,
if you don't mind a bunch... I'm gonna need a lunch.
Sometimes I just don't believe how resourceful mom's can be.
She gets the cotton balls and the rubberbands from her vanity.
I've got a lemonade can not quite the right brand, but mom says 'It will do.'
Then we're out of the door it's 7:54, I won't be late for school.
Oh by the way, meatloaf is better than it seems...
for my lunch mom packed a can of sardines.
And for the play it's sisters costume from ballet I'm gonna sing in her butterfly wings.


Feminine Essence said...

I've heard that song. It's hilarious!

Aimee said...

Oh my gosh! Hehe!! I've never heard it, but I bet I'm about to FEEL it!

My kiddo starts school on monday! *gnaws nails*