Friday, April 13, 2012

Grocery Store Bingo Busy Bag Tutorial

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I haven't blogged about this at all, but if you follow me on Pinterest you would see all the pins I have pinned for busy bags.  I am a part of group on facebook that is a Busy Bag Exchange.  It is great fun!  We make these busy bags that are fun activities for our kiddos.  Then we swap them in a group of six or seven ladies.  

I decided to blog about how I made my Busy Bag activity for the Preschool age group I am in.  For this activity I decided to combine two ideas I found on pinterest.  Creative Kismet has a post about making a sticky note holder for a teachers gift.  I used this blog as the inspiration for my "clip board".  I did change it up a bit, but the clippy and the cardboard were ideas I borrowed from her.  Then on Let's Explore I found a cute Grocery Store Bingo card in a PDF I could download.  Now you have the links let's get to work!

List of supplies: 
to buy- (I didn't have all these I had to buy them... you might have them) 
  • clips
  • dry erase markers
  • pouches
have around the house-
  • cardboard
  • scrapbook paper (optional for cuteness)
  • scissors
  • paper cutter (optional if you are a straight line fanatic like me) 
  • glue sticks
  • cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter (optional-more fanatic stuff) 
  • printed Grocery Store Bingo card (laminated)
I printed out my Grocery Store Bingo cards first.  Then I laminated them.  If you don't have a laminator you can use contact paper or you can buy smaller piece of laminating sheets and use an iron.  (I have not ever tried it, but I have it works)  

Then I got my piece of cardboard.  We have TONS of cardboard at our house so this was not hard to find at all.  As I said I am a fanatic about the straight lines so I used my cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter for this.  I am extremely protective of my fabric scissors and cutting blades.  I would NEVER use a fabric blade to do this.  I do however keep my fabric blade after they get dull for crafts.  They are marked and kept in a container marked crafts.  I use them for cutting felt, paper, cardboard, foam, anything but fabric.  
I cut my squares 4X5" as this would fit the size of card I printed.  

I used my paper cutter to cut scrapbook paper for the clipboard.  I cut 2 for every piece of cardboard had.  I made 8 sets.  

Then I used the glue stick to glue the paper onto the cardboard pieces.  

I wanted them to be fun and interchangeable so I did a different color on each side of the cardboard piece. 

This part is kind of hard to explain.  I will try to do my best.  I used packing tape to cover the paper and stabilize it all a bit more.  I used three strips of tape 4 inches long.  I put the first piece of tape at the top, then the next piece at the bottom, then the last piece I put in the middle.  Then I got two more strips of 4 inch tape to wrap the bottom and the top.  I took pictures of this part so you could see.  

Half of the tape goes on the back and then you fold it up and tape it down on the front.  This way you have 'wrapped' the bottom.  

You do this for the top edge and then using two pieces of 5 inch tape you do this to the sides.  *phew... I hope you guys understood that!

Then wal-la you have a covered piece of cardboard.  

Clip your clip on and you now have a cute little clipboard.  I will note here that you can use this for anything.  Take a few scraps of paper and let the kiddos draw ... make and/or print off other bingo or scavenger hunt cards for other activities.  Use this for more than just this activity.  Think multi-task.  :)  

Easy and pretty fun!  I think this is one anyone can do!  

Add the erasable marker or crayons and a bag to carry it in.  And you are done!  

Here are all 8 of mine all done!  Pretty neat huh?  It is fun to finish them up.  Maybe I will have to blog others as I finish them.  I have some fun ones this time.  If you have any questions ask away and I will try to help!  

I am excited about these Busy Bags.  My kids are having a blast playing with them ... they really help with sanity!  :)  

Mama V
Still Sane