Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine ideas!

Pin It Now! So it is almost Valentine's Day!
Do you celebrate it?

Here are some fun ideas to do with your own kids at home... or to do in school at a party or something! If you make these and you blog about it I would love to see! :)

Heart Numbers:
Cut several large hearts. Cut the hearts in half (from the middle of the humps to the point) Then put a number on one half and a corresponding number of dots (or stickers) on the other. Have your children try to match the heart halves.

What's On the Heart:
Cut one heart for every child in your class. Cut different interesting magazine pictures out and put them on a heart. Have your children pull hearts out of a bag and tell you what is on it (if they are older children have them pull the heart out and tell you what it is used for, or something that rhymes with the object, etc)

Heart Rubbings:
Before the children arrive use a glue gun to trace hearts of different sizes onto a piece of poster board. Have your children place a piece of thin paper over the hearts and rub it with a crayon. They will be amazed when hearts appear on their paper.
Cut out hearts from sandpaper and tape to a pice of poster board. Have your children place a piece of thin paper over the board and rub with a crayon. They will trace a beautiful bumpy valentines day heart.

Pocket of Kisses:
Ask parents to bring an item of clothing that their children have outgrown and has a pocket (jeans, flannel shirt, dress, etc.)-or you can find a bunch or make them out of foam- Cut the full pocket around the seam. cut the remaining in strips or squares for future art projects. Set out a variety of beads, lace, sequins, silk flowers, etc. Encourage children to decorate their pocket the way they desire. Help children attach a ribbon or lace to the two top corners of their pocket. I suggest fabric glue, so it will be stationery. Set a bowl of hershey kisses out and have children fill the pockets. Provide tissue paper, ribbons and bows and assist children in wrapping their gifts for their mother. Give the child a choice if they want to attach a homemade card

Guess how much I love you card:
Cut out two hearts for each child. Attach the first heart to the inside of a card (a piece of poster board folded in half) On the front of the first one, write "Guess how much I love you?". On the second heart write "This much!". Measure the distance between the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other with arms stretched out for each child and cut out this distance from 3 inch wide butcher paper. Help your children fold the paper accordian style. Attach a heart to each end of the butcher paper. Add this Valentines day poem: A Valentine Hug to You Wrap these hands around you whenever I'm away so you can have a hug from me anytime of day!

Valentine sun catchers:
Cut 2 pieces of wax paper into the shape of a heart (between 4 and 6 inches). Provide your children with crayon shavings in valentines colors, have them sprinkle the shreddings onto one of the heart pieces and then cover them with the othe heart shape. Place a towel over the hearts and hold a warm iron with the steam turned off over the towel for about 25 sec. (be very careful with the hot iron). Remove the towel and punch a hole in the top of the heart. You now have a heart sun catcher. I like to do this activity as an art and science activity. You can talk about the changes in the crayon and the colors mixing.

Hope you find some good ideas... or that they spark some!

Still Sane,
Mama V


Amy said...

Love these ideas!! Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

I tried the sun catchers with Miss yesterday. I should have read the instructions more carefully and had the crayon shreddings already done. A 2-year-old does not have the attention span to wait for mommy to shred crayons. We did get three of them made though, and they're pretty!! Thanks for the idea! I'm going to do shamrocks in March, but I'll preshred the crayons next time ;)