Sunday, October 3, 2010

Update on the "bad words Book"!

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I was answering my emails the other day and the gal that had emailed me commented on my blog post about the book my sons class was going to read. There has been some action on this so I thought I would throw out a quick update.

I talked to the other mama of the boy that is in my son's class. She was very concerned about it, and said since she missed the open house she would stop in and visit with the teacher and kinda feel the situation out and see how things sat before we decided on our actions. I decided to wait and see if she found out anything of use.

Then the other day my son came home from school and said that his teacher said they would NOT be reading that book. So I pressed him for further info... you know how kids are. :)
I finally got the whole story... this is what happend:
His class was talking about the books they would be reading for their genre reading and he raised his hand and told the teacher that he didn't want to read the book because it has bad words in it, and that his mom didn't like the book either. YAY! I am so proud of him for standing up when surrounded by his peers... that is such a hard thing to do. I guess others chimed in and so the teacher said... "Ok, we will find a different book."

That was so much easier than I expected. I will still monitor it but I am so happy to know that my son, when faced with a problem could stand up for what he believes.


Victoria said...

That's so awesome!! SO glad it worked out for you guys!! :-)

Mindy said...

Good for your son. Although I was interested in what the librarian said in your other post about the book being excellent, but more appropriate for a different age group. I am not a big fan of banning books and I expect my kids to participate in reading books that may have subject matter/language/etc. that will be challenging to our viewpoints and that we will need to discuss at home. I would like it to be age-appropriate, though.

Erin said...

I missed the first post, but it sounds like your son was quite courageous!! It's so hard to stand up for what you believe in! Kudos to him!

sradke1024 said...

Wow, that is great! I don't see that happening in many schools these days!

Katie Barrett said...

Glad it was resolved so easily! As I mentioned to you, our problem wasn't resolved and we finally home schooled! Isn't it great when our kids out of the unexpected blue make us proud, and prove we must be doing something right?! :o) Keep up the good work Mama!!

Mama Campbell said...

I'm sure you're proud of your son for standing up for what he's been taught. So glad it was an easy resolution!